Oikos Groups

Oikos Groups

COVID and you:

Our online registration system is intended to assist the church in complying with Alberta Health guidelines for in-person Church activities. Should you not wish to provide your personal information, you may still attend. Please call the church and inform the office staff of your desire to attend. Also know that as the church re-opens, online worship options will continue to be available. No formal registration is required for online participation, simply contact the church office and ask for the online information.

By providing your personal information, you consent to its usage solely for the following purposes:

  • Your name and telephone number may be used to facilitate COVID-19 contact tracing.
  • This information will be provided to Alberta Health Services ONLY if an onsite exposure occurs and will be used for contact tracing purposes only.
  • Your email address is required so that we may send you confirmation of your registration.
  • Registration information will be retained for 21 days, after which it will be deleted and/or shredded.

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