WANTED: Youth Coordinator

WANTED: Youth Coordinator


Youth Coordinator (part-time)




one year, starting September 1, 2022, potentially renewable


5 hours per week


$20 per hour


This person will organize and lead joint social and spiritual activities for youth (Grades 7-12) at two churches in Sherwood Park. Specifically, they will:

  • With the active support of a Joint Youth Committee (“JYC”), plan, host and enthusiastically participate in a regular gatherings of youth in games, field trips, sports, music, art, meals, missions, etc.
  • With JYC, obtain feedback from youth on their preferred activities. Research and identify novel and favourite activities that will engage youth and strengthen relationships.
  • Build relationships with individual youth. Listen, encourage, support and model Christ in all behaviours. Communicate about behavioural expectations. As necessary, engage on-site adult supervisors about any disruptive, disrespectful, unsafe, bullying or other concerning behaviours.
  • With the Pastors and JYC, develop a spiritual component for youth events. For example, lead a brief “touch base” (e.g. highs and lows) and prayer. As relationships grow, identify opportunities for additional spiritual events. Foster relationships between youth and Pastors (e.g. design  opportunities for pastors to drop in at events).
  • Identify any individuals who have special spiritual, emotional or health issues. As needed, consult with the Pastors to develop a response.
  • Communicate with youth and churches about youth events (e.g. through announcements, social media, newsletters, bulletin etc.)
  • Develop a budget for activities, seek approval, submit receipts.
  • Seek opportunities to integrate youth activities within churches’ larger programs/ministries (e.g. intergenerational initiatives, music, inner city programs, VBS, . . .) and ELCIC youth (e.g. Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering) and camp activities.

The organizations:

  • Glory Lutheran Church (“Glory”; https://www.glorylutheran.ca/) and Mount Olivet Lutheran Church (“MOLC”; http://mountolivet.ca/ ) are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Synod of Alberta and the Territories: (the “Synod”; https://albertasynod.ca/).
  • Both congregations have prioritized a vibrant, supportive youth program. This ministry has a legacy of producing leaders and participants in church life (e.g. music, confirmation and youth leadership, nursery, fundraising, missions, art/decorating, VBS, Easter services, InnerCity volunteering, Council members), and in Synod and camp activities.
  • The Synod has a Youth Ministry Team which coordinates Alberta ELCIC churches’ participation in provincial and national gatherings (https://albertasynod.ca/our-ministries/fulfilling-our-mission/ministry-teams/youth/).


  • ≥20 years of age.
  • Provide clear record of a police information check and vulnerable sector check.
  • Complete churches’ training, forms, and reference checks to comply with policies to protect vulnerable people and church security procedures.

Preferred skills and experience:

  • Passionate about youth ministry; understanding of youth needs and concerns.
  • Volunteer and/or work experience with teaching, leading, supervising, coaching, counselling or designing programs for youth and/or children.
  • Christian leadership experience and/or training (e.g. Bible school or High School curriculum, camps’ “Leaders-in-Training” program).
  • A degree, post-secondary studies or and/or training related to youth and/or children’s education, social work, psychology, health or similar.
  • Positive, enthusiastic, fun attitude.
  • Emotionally mature. Empathetic.
  • A direct and appropriate communicator; skill in anticipating and appropriately addressing problematic behaviours.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in and communicate with teams.
  • Committed, responsible to report and follow-up on tasks, organized


send resume and cover letter (or any inquiries) to:


The submission deadline is

August 19, 2022

However, we will be evaluating submissions on an ongoing basis.