Annual Blood Drive

Annual Blood Drive

SATURDAY, 25 JUNE 2022, starting at 12:10pm

Join us for the annual

Tanya (Sundlie) Kilkenny Memorial Blood Drive

The theme “it’s in you to give” could be Tanya’s theme. She was generous with her time and her resources to all who knew her. The theme exemplifies her life. If you have something to give, then why wouldn’t you give it to help another?
Tanya had been a volunteer at blood services, and had been a blood donor. When she was fighting cancer she needed blood to extend her life.
By giving blood we can make a difference, we can make someone who is sick healthier.  For someone who has been in an accident, or is going through surgery, blood can save their life. During Tanya’s emergency surgery, blood extended her life, and gave her the opportunity to be a mom, and to spend a little more time with those she loved.
Twenty minutes of your life just might save someone else’s!

Give blood, or cheer another on!